sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2009

Night snack

Me, Mother, Sister and Cousins went out for a snack tonight. We went to Yogoberry, a store that sells the most fantastic frozen yogurt. I love it! It's just frozen yogurt with toppings, but I think it's one of the most delicious things on earth. I love the bitterness of natural yogurt.

We went there after mother and I came back from the store where we bought paint to get my room painted.
We are going to do it tomorrow!! I love redecorating!! Especially considering I already got one new decoration item today. Oh, how I looked forward to this moment!! (I know it seems rellay silly, but it's true. My room has never been really mine, so I think now it's the first time I feel like it is...)
I'm just SO happy!!!

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